The rise of business management software platforms is transforming the payments acceptance industry rapidly.

Traditional Payment Gateways and Acquirers have long enjoyed direct access to businesses and have grown rapidly as the expected route to establish commerce solutions. Unfortunately, this has nurtured little innovation, leading to a fragmented, inefficient, costly paradigm that favours the payments companies and creates complexity for businesses and software providers.

Thankfully, software platforms are quickly disrupting the model for payment distribution. ClearCourse is at the forefront of this change, developing integrated payments capabilities across its portfolio of software companies and beyond.


Our Payments Solutions


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ClearAccept is an integrated card payments acceptance platform designed from the ground up for integration with software platforms. It offers you full control of the user experience while maximising security and streamlining compliance.


Clear Direct Debit is an automated BACS approved bureau for processing bank debit instructions in bulk on behalf of software companies. It reduces business overheads and eliminates reconciliation errors. Clear Direct Debit


Our companies help you manage your members and clients, administer your business workflow and automate your payment processes